Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë is a novel about the tumultuous, passionate and heavily flawed love between Heathcliff, a wild stable boy turned untamed gentleman, and the vindictive and strong-willed Catherine. Told as a framed narrative through a story recounted to Mr. Lockwood by the estate's servant Nelly, Wuthering Heights plays with chronology and the passage of time The [[Original]] series of events unfold in the novel as such: [[The Lockwood Sequence]] [[The Nelly Sequence]] [[The Heathcliff Sequence]] [[The Catherine Sequence]] Pro Tip: if the name of your intended sequence character appears, follow the hyperlink only once to view their story and proceed with the orignal sequence if and when you return to the same page. [[Mr. Lockwood|Original]] is one of the two narrators in Wuthering Heights. The events of Heathcliff and Catherine's lives are experienced through him as he listens to Nelly the housekeepers's account. He also interacts with Heathcliff at the beginning of the novel. [[Nelly|Wuthering Events]] is the housekeeper at Thrushcross Grange who was present when the central action of the novel took place, namely Catherine and Heathcliff's childhoods, their adult lives and the lives of Catherine's daughter and her contemporaries. [[Heathcliff|Wuthering Events]] is the framed narrative's brooding and violent hero whose one weakness is his consuming love for Catherine. Lockwood arrives at his lodgings at Thrushcross Grange. He goes to the property's main house, Wuthering Heights, where he meets the owner, Heathcliff. Lockwood is injured by the estate's dogs and is forced spend the night. He encounters the apparition of Catherine, a woman Heathcliff spent his life loving, and is escorted back to [[Wuthering Events]]. [[Catherine|Wuthering Events]] is the daughter of the man who brings Heathcliff as a servant into his home when they were both children. Haughty and fierce, she proves to be the most defining element of Heathcliff's existence. Chapters 4 through 30 detail the friendships, marriages, [[losses]] and developments of the story's characters, save for Mr. Lockwood to whom the story is being told to by Nelly. [[Catherine's story takes a heartbreaking turn.|Catherine's death]] Catherine dies after the birth of her daughter Cathy, approximately midway through the rising action. Following her death, her daughter's relationship with Catherine's nephew and Heathcliff's jealous revenge take [[centre stage]].Mr. Lockwood leaves [[Thrushcross Grange]], haunted by the events that [[Nelly's|returns]] story has provided. [[Follow Heathcliff|death of heathcliff]] Six months later, Mr. Lockwood [[returns]] to Wuthering Heights during a trip to the countryside. Nelly updates him on the goings-on at the estate, including startling news regarding [[Heathcliff|death of heathcliff]] [[Heathcliff has died]], wasted away from grief and memories of Catherine. Cathy falls in love with her cousin and they decide to [[marry]]. [[Nelly must sit|Thrushcross Grange]] quite as the events unfold.Lockwood leaves Wuthering Heights for good, only stopping to visiting Catherine and Heathcliff, who have been burried side by side. Catherine dies after the birth of her daughter Cathy, approximately midway through the rising action.Heathcliff has died, wasted away from grief and memories of Catherine.